Music has always been a part of my life. From a very young age I was always listening to music, and little by little I began to hum my own musical phrases. When I was eleven years old I began to play with music, playing a Hohner D89 organ that my father (also a musician) had.

When I was a teenager I got my first computer for music, an Atari ST80, where I would start composing with one of the first versions of Cubase. At that time I enrolled in a music academy, to learn music theory and piano. At that time I was in some pop music groups… I would soon leave them to start my solo career.

Electronic music has been part of me, ever since I discovered the music of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield at a very young age, references to music I grew up with, as well as the symphonic rock music of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons and King Crimson.

My music is characterized by being very melodic, intimate, with soul, at least that’s what the public tells me, and what I try to do. My first albums are like this.

In 1996 I made my first “serious” demo, an album called Blue Life. Already in 1997 I released my first CD Human Feelings, dedicated to human feelings. In 1999 a different album, more acoustic where the protagonist is the piano and the sax, is called Walking on Nature. In 2001 Sphera, which in 2017 remastered and released it to the general public as Sphera Electronic Symphony, a very electronic album, with more minimalist themes, some of them recalling the electronic music of the 80s. In 2004 the Barcelona label At-mooss records , through one of its creators Joseph Loibant, edits my Total Eclipse album, being that album a turning point in my career, totally professionalized.

At that point my personal musical production stops in a stand-by, because in 2005 I open my own recording studio Blue Project Music, where I begin to record innumerable groups from the region of Murcia, as well as from Almería, Albacete and Alicante. Little by little I introduce myself more in the production, I carry out studies of Sound Technician.

In 2010 my curiosity makes me open a new path, that of soundtracks. Without a doubt, a path that continues to this day, where I learn more and better, in this world you never stop learning..

I have already created more than thirty soundtracks for film directors from all over Spain.

After producing for many artists in the region and beyond, it’s time to return to my own music. Without neglecting the work in the studio, much less that of the soundtracks. On September 22, 2017, after seventeen years without stepping on a stage, I made a concert presentation again before the public of Molina de Segura, my personal Reunion. The prologue of this concert was written and recorded by my friend, the best-selling writer Javier Sierra.

The album that reflects that reunion is a compilation titled Reunion 1997-2018.

In 2021 I publish two soundtracks (Mamá, Salto de Fé and La Costurera 2) and the CD The Ancient Garden, with the collaboration of the great actor Juan Meseguer (voiceovers), the singers Cristina Eyre and María Rosa García (soprano), the writer and music critic Antonio Pardo Larrosa (script texts) and Jesús Valenzuela, creator and designer of the images on the CD.

In the “Shop” section you can purchase them.

In 2021 my studio is “renamed” as Blue Project Studio & Sound Edit, also changing its philosophy, devoting myself, in addition to composition, to editing the dialogues, effects and environments of any audiovisual project.

In 2022 and 2023 I received several nominations and awards, Bronze Medallion at the Global Music Awards 2022, 2023, Nominated for the World Entertainment Awards 2023, official nominee at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2022 and finalist at the VI Region of Murcia Music Awards 2022.

In 2024 I will present my new work 1272 Molina Eterna, classical-contemporary music dedicated to my city Molina de Segura, and which has the support of the Department of Culture of the city.

If you are a professional in the cinematographic medium, you can contact me to carry out any of these works.