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About me

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I’m Luis Alberto Naranjo, soundtrack composer.

I am always open to projects, if you need original music for your film or audiovisual project, I am my own representative, there are no more intermediaries, just contact me

In recent times I have been lucky enough to win and be nominated for different awards. 

As a composer: 

– Finalist at the Intercontinental Music Awards (Los Angeles, California) 2024 in Classical for “Lamento” and “Adagio Molina”.

– Bronze Medallion at the 2024 Global Music Awards (San Diego, California) in Best Composition for “Lamento”.

– Winner of the World Entertainment Awards 2024 (Hollywood, Los Angeles) in Best Orchestral Composition for “El bazar de los Milagros”.

– Bronze Medallion at the 2023 Global Music Awards (San Diego, California) in Best Composition for “Molina Eterna”. 

-Bronze Medallion at the 2022 Global Music Awards (San Diego, California) in Best Composition for “Alzando el vuelo”. 

-Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2022 (Hollywood, Los Angeles)  in Epic/Orchestral Section for “Alzando el vuelo”.

-Finalist at the Murcia Region Music Awards 2022 in the Music Section in Cinema, Theater and TV for “Julia Domna” Soundtrack. 

-Nominated at One World Music Awards 2022 (London), Best Single Neo-classic Music for “Alzando el vuelo”.

-Nominated for the One World Music Awards 2023 (London) in March,  Best Single by Pegasus.

-Seminifalist at the Independent Music Awards of Spain 2019 for Life Signs album.

As a sound mixer in post-production: 

-Nominated at the Pinewood Film Studios-Lift-Off Global Network 2022 in London, with Mahiro Prod. for “Mama Salto de Fe”.

-Nominated at Lift-Off Global Network 2023 in Buckinghamshire (Great Britain), with Mahiro Productions Ltd for “Mamá Salto de Fe”.


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