Life Signs (2018)

23 de January de 2022

In 2011, after several years without composing since I dedicated myself to productions in my studio, I compose a new work, this time with the collaboration of my great friend, the Cuban composer based in Germany, Alfredo Hernández. For months we were working remotely, sending each other the songs and composing one and another each one in his studio. The final touch, mixing and mastering, was done in my Blue Project studio, we spent three months working to give birth to this wonderful album. However, the album is not published until 2018, after updating the songs, adding tracks and remastering it by myself. Life Signs is an album dedicated to our planet, to different parts of the world, its customs, sounds… I invite you to discover those sounds. You can buy it in digital format in the Store.

With the wonderful collaboration of the Lola Cerón Dance Academy. Video produced by Javier Alonso.

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