The Ancient Garden (2021)

23 de January de 2022

CD edited in 2021, it has been three years of hard work, themed on El Bosco’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. It all started with a conversation with the writer and researcher Javier Sierra (winner of the Planeta award), we already worked together on the prologue of my album Life Sings. When Javier was going to make the audio-book of his wonderful El maestro del Prado, we agreed that I would compose the music for that project. Finally, Planeta wanted the audiobooks to be only with the voice, without music. I had already composed a few minutes, right in the part of the book that talks about the Bosch triptych. I did not want to leave it in a drawer, so I continued composing, until this symphonic work divided into three parts, El Paraíso, La Vida and El Infierno, saw the light. The wonderful actor Juan Meseguer (who by the way is also from Murcia) collaborates on the album, putting his voice to the locutions with which each of the parts of the symphony begins. Also the voices of Cristina Eyre (Madrid), and the soprano Rosa García (Cartagena). The texts of the cd’s booklet have been written by the writer and music critic Antonio Pardo Larrosa, and the fantastic graphics of the entire cd are by the also musician Jesús Valenzuela (Tsode).

With the magnificent actor Juan Meseguer, the day we recorded the locutions for The Ancient Garden.

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