Interview at Las noticias de la noche in 7Tvrm 8/16/22

25 de August de 2022

On August 16, the journalist Luis Alcázar interviewed me at the studios of La 7 Televisión Autonómica de la Región de Murcia, on his program Las noche de la noche, where we talked about 1272, Molina Eterna, my symphony dedicated to my city. Molina de Segura, in the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the concession to Molina, by King Alfonso X “El Sabio”, of the title of Council and Villa in the year 1272, work commissioned by the Department of Culture of Molina de Segura, through the councilor Soledad Nortes and the councilor’s technician Domingo Hernández, and in which I have the collaboration of the actor Juan Meseguer, the writer Antonio Pardo Larrosa, Domingo Beltrán (historian) and the Coral Kodály. We also talked about my musical career.

In spanish.

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