Luis Alberto partners with Musimagen 3/01/2023

3 de January de 2023

During these last months, I have seen that I need to be next to different associations to have professional support, and be part of those professional associations to take definitive steps towards the goals I have in mind.

Since January 3, Luis has been a member of Musimagen, Association of Music Composers for Audiovisual.

MUSIMAGEN was born in 2000 to defend the interests of music composers for audiovisual in a historical moment in which the entertainment industry and audiovisual culture have an increasing weight. Musimagen integrates most of the composers of music for audiovisual in this country, from the most recognized (Alberto Iglesias, Javier Navarrete, Roque Baños, Pascal Gaigne, etc.) to those who take their first professional steps in the middle, in order to make the voice of a collective whose importance is increasingly recognized and undeniable. A representative voice.

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