Original Soundtrack Ya queda menos para el verano (2012)

31 de January de 2022

In 2012 and after composing several soundtracks for the Valencian director Ramón Chorques, I received this fantastic project from a director friend of his, Oscar Guiñón Pina. It is a medium-length film dedicated to the lack of love that it causes in a couple when there is no agreement about having children. It was hard work but at the same time a tremendous pleasure and a challenge, since I had to compose for piano and cello. I think the result was as expected, both the film and the soundtrack had very good reviews. The film was presented at the headquarters of Diario Levante, in Valencia, that same year.

Movie poster.
In Diario Levante, the day of the presentation, with the actors and part of the technical team.

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