The “Naranjo sound” by Benito Martínez del Baño.

25 de July de 2023

New winds are coming with positive messages. The composer Luis Alberto Naranjo Peco elevates electronic music to the category of art, of which he himself is the greatest exponent of Murcia and one of the Spanish props. Honest and heartfelt electronic music, where the machines of time and sound transit in a past-present-future becoming, in a space where nothing is left to chance, where the wild becomes intimate and youth becomes maturity. A place where a composition by Luis Alberto Naranjo is worth a thousand words, where the technique is marked by the beats of its core and friendly hands of harmony, of a synthesizer that comes to life like a tin robot in an endless dream that already awakens from lethargy, recognizing the interior and exterior space.

The city where the music of Luis Alberto Naranjo lives is guarded by an angel with silver wings, who watches over a disgrunched metropolis. In his hands he holds a metallic and synthetic carnation from which “Human Feelings” have emanated. His feet left their mark on the earth of a “Sphera Electronic Symphony” in which trees build and delimit the path and the future. But Maria, from the subsoil came to invoke a “Total Eclipse” and the world begins to revolve around the ´Sonido Naranjo’. Melody and sequence. Art and discard. Individualism and collectivism. Experience and enthusiasm.

Technology, restlessness, verve, melting pot of colors, miscellany of euphonies, essences of a land that once again sows and from which the recognition of his work will come. His demonstrated talent, personality and good emotional work deserve it. The ‘Sonido Naranjo’ knocks on our door, that of the mind and the heart together. From the opening, the soul rises, there are no cold songs, only new trails to travel and in which to collect different and good fruits. It is a key moment to knock on the door of an enriching past. A purifying music, like rain as a cinematographic element. And so has been his presentation concert, surrounded by followers, friends and colleagues, an excellent and heartfelt musical show, with the firm desire for the conquest of the treaded terrain and, in the end, the triumph achieved. I’ve seen a robot cry metal tears. The man has defeated the beast. The first flame of the human-machine symbiosis is lit.

The gods come together and, little by little, and from sensibility they begin to recompose what others insisted on destroying. Oting the horizon, a sea of lead appears that houses a ship. Inside he brings a chest with the antidote for dehumanization, so that the soul walks towards the light and leaves the shadows. Blessed are those who are thirsty for good music. The deity permeates these compositions. It is confirmed that the musical messiah is here to stay. There is no feeling of loss. He has combined the best of his career to publicize his sample of musical possibilities and wisdoms. Magic, like miracles, exists when you don’t have to ask for anything to receive everything. And Luis Alberto Naranjo’s music is full of class, soul, dreams and memories. In every song, in every note, in every key… A piece of the soul of this Murcian genius is recorded in his new album REENCUENTRO 1997-2018. A lesson in honesty. Luis Alberto Naranjo is nearby.

Asómate conmigo a la ventana electrónica. La vista es maravillosa. El ‘Sonido Naranjo” nos envuelve y nada tornará a ser igual. El mundo se convierte en un lugar mejor y la música nos hace más humanos y alimenta el alma. ¡Vive! Luis Alberto Naranjo y sus composiciones llegan para quedarse.

Bienvenidos sean. Siente el ‘Sonido Naranjo”. 

Benito Martínez del Baño, Journalist.

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